Real Estate Law


The registrário tract of real estate has always been a problem in Brazil , as the continental dimensions of the country on one side and narrow legislation on the subject , on the other, brought natural insecurity.
This framework only won some resounding systematization with the Public Records Act , dated 1973.

Either way , both entrepreneurs and individuals who now must negotiate properties still take several precautions , surrounding themselves with particular instruments , public documents and proceedings in offices of Property Records , just to avoid the emergence of litigation involving the claim of possession or ownership that the property then transacted .

To enable this support , our office provides the necessary advice on buying , selling, leasing or judicial defense of real estate , from carrying out due diligence in order to point out the risks and benefits in a given transaction, advisory , development or consultancy private agreements for purchase and sale of real estate , rental ( residential and business ) , plus accompaniment in the preparation / review of draft Public Deeds and other administrative procedures at the Notary Notes and Real Estate Registry .