Civil and Family Law

Is a nerve branch in the legal system of any country

Is a nerve branch in the legal system of any country therefore focuses a robust assortment of rights emanating effects on virtually all acts and business transacted by individuals and companies .
The performance of the office, for that reason , it also gives the same range this branch requires , making us act in ordinary lawsuits , summary , or interim executive nature , where such matters are discussed , such as titles credit contracts in general , and labors over compensation for material and moral damages .

We also have expertise in accurate recovery actions for credit and goods offered in chattel .

In this business , a discipline that also has a prominent and peculiar performance is the Family Law and Probate : in this context , the office operates in consulting or litigation relating to consensual and disputed separations , divorces , drafting , coaching or consultancy union contracts stable , wills , inventories and related actions such matters . Given the profile of this branch, not the aforementioned waiver individualized care and especially the secrecy and discretion in dealing with the affairs and management of documents which we have access